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In 1985, VIP’s team met with Ownes-Illinois (OI), a leading manufacturer of glass containers, to discuss its operations in Upstate New York. At the time, OI was using public warehousing space to accommodate its storage requirements and, as a result, faced growing warehousing and transportation costs.

After assessing OI’s operations and facility configuration, VIP’s team proposed a solution that would enable OI to warehouse material adjacent to its manufacturing facility by connecting the two buildings utilizing two parallel corridors to allow for the flow of material in and out of the warehouse. This streamlined approach eliminated OI’s need for public warehousing and drastically reduced transportation expenses by eliminating the double handling of its finished product.

Following the success of the Upstate project, OI asked us to provide eight more facilities on a design-build-development basis nationwide.

OI Distribution Warehouse Facilities Developed:
300,000 SF – Tracy, CA
290,000 SF – Crenshaw, PA
415,000 SF – Atlanta, GA
200,000 SF – Volney, NY
166,700 SF – Fairfield, CA
154,000 SF – Winston-Salem, NC
150,000 SF – Auburn, NY
140,000 SF – Franklin, IN
176,000 SF – Lakeland, FL

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