Property Management

With a flexible offering of client services, VIP can help you save time and money and protect the value of your investment. Our highly experienced Property Management staff is professional, on-call and here to take the frustrations out of the complicated world of facilities management.

We help owners save time and money and protect the value of each investment through streamlined operations, cost-effective maintenance practices, enhanced tenant experiences, and, when challenges arise, knowing what to do from decades of property management experience.

Subcontractor Management

VIP Property Management specializes in crafting comprehensive RFPs for third-party services, managing the entire process, from soliciting proposals to evaluating responses. We ensure competitive bids from qualified vendors, supervise vendor performance, and enforce contracts for high service standards.

Tenant Management

Acting as a central point of contact, our team prioritizes effective tenant communication and conflict resolution to foster a positive environment. Through open lines of communication, prompt issue resolution, and skilled tenant-relationship management, we aim to promote tenant satisfaction and mitigate disputes.

Maintenance & Repair

VIP Property Management focuses on property well-being through comprehensive facilities management, including 24/7 emergency maintenance response. Our skilled team will proactively maintain HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems by tailoring a preventative maintenance plan specific to your site. 

Safety Compliance & Risk Management

We ensure your property meets building code requirements through our dedicated team’s up-to-date knowledge and thorough assessments. Regular safety inspections, audits, and security system management are integral parts of our commitment to maintaining a secure environment.

Financial Administration

Our financial administration team efficiently tracks expenses, prepares budgets, and will provide transparent financial reporting. With our expertise, you can trust that your property’s finances are in capable hands, allowing you to maximize its financial potential and make informed decisions.

Property Administration

Our administrative services are designed to optimize operations and communication, prioritizing the organization and accessibility of records and documentation. With a strong emphasis on record retention and documentation, we ensure that essential property information is easily accessible.

Residential Leasing

VIP Property Management streamlines the rental process from start to finish ensuring a seamless transition for both landlords and tenants. Our team advertises vacancies, schedules and conducts property tours, coordinates lease signing, manages move-in/out inspections, transfers key access, and sets tenants up with access to the on-line payment and maintenance request portal.

Apartment Turnovers

Choosing VIP Property Management ensures swift, detail-oriented apartment turnovers. From painting to plumbing and all things in between, our team coordinates upgrades, completes repairs and thorough cleanings to meticulously prepare each unit for the next tenant. With skilled maintenance professionals, we’re dedicated to reducing vacancy periods, increasing occupancy rates, and enhancing tenant satisfaction.



& Repairs

Residential Leasing

Safety Compliance
& Risk Mgmt

Financial Administration

Property Administration

Apartment Turnovers

VIP Property Management is currently managing 825,000 SF of space, including industrial, commercial, medical, and mixed-use residential facilities.

VIP has decades of experience designing, building, developing, and managing facilities – including over three million square feet developed by VIP and $400M worth of real estate development projects financed. This experience gives our Property Management team a unique knowledge of buildings from every perspective – including the owner’s – which has taught us how to be better property managers. 

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