Manufacturing Facility | Niagara Falls, NY



435,000 SF


Construction: VIP Structures

Architecture: VIP Architectural Associates

Norampac, a Division of Cascades Canada ULC, hired VIP’s team to provide architectural design and general contractor services to construct Greenpac Mill, LLC (Greenpac), a state-of-the-art containerboard mill located in Niagara Falls, New York.

Our in-house concrete crew completed the concrete foundations for the building and machinery which included 35,000 cubic yards of concrete (3,000 truckloads) and 5 million pounds of rebar. While our in-house steel crew installed all structural steel (5,000 tons), metal roofing and siding, and constructed all office areas.

The new mill has a total floor area of 435,000 SF that accommodates one of the largest and most efficient machines in North America, with an annual production capacity of 540,000 short tons.

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