Accomplishing extraordinary things together.

From the very beginning, (which was 1975 for VIP), we knew what we wanted to accomplish – to serve our clients more effectively by forming a design-build company that would integrate the best elements of design and construction.

VIP Structures started small and grew slowly. Even at our smallest, however, we offered combined design and construction services – which was key to our advancement in our industry. As looked at our progress, it became clear that our integrated design-build model yielded a distinct competitive advantage for our clients and for us. Incorporating design and construction under one roof increased our operating efficiencies, eliminated overlapping overheads, reduced costs, and simplified communication – and a greater understanding of our client’s goals emerged!

VIP’s growth during the early 1980s enabled us to refine our design-build system. Working together day in and day out, VIP’s designers and builders realized a significant transfer of skills:  and a unique combination emerged – architects with construction expertise and builders who knew design – which allowed us to increase our quality control and design efficiency. 

In 1984 VIP Development Associates was created to provide our clients with the option of leasing new facilities rather than purchasing them. We subsequently saw a period of tremendous growth. In 1985 Inc. Magazine named our firm one of the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies – a member of the Inc. 500.

In 1990, Metal Construction magazine acknowledged us as one of the nation’s largest metal building contractors for the previous decade.

In 2009, our team added in-house engineering, allowing VIP to provide all building-related design and construction services in-house.

Today VIP employs over 125 architects, engineers, construction workers, developers, administrators, and support staff. We have over 30,000,000 square feet of construction experience and have developed 3,000,000 square feet of space nationwide. Although the scope of our services has become more extensive, our basic philosophy has remained unchanged – to integrate design and construction to better meet clients’ needs.

Commercial construction for industrial, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, metal buildings, commercial, housing, healthcare, and education clients.