ITT Goulds

New Industrial Testing Facility


89,650 New Industrial Testing Facility

84,000 SF Office Renovation

Design-Build Delivery



Architecture: VIP Architectural Associates

Construction: VIP Structures

MEP Engineering: IPD Engineering

VIP and ITT-Goulds Pumps have worked together on many projects over the past two decades, including a new 89,650 industrial testing facility and an 84,000 SF office renovation.

VIP designed and built ITT Gould’s new industrial facility encompassing offices, loading docks, and 75,000 SF of space to house the company’s large pump design testing and go-to-market operations. ITT Gould’s technical requirements for pump testing greatly informed the design. They required the installation of a large-diameter process pipe 25′ below the finished floor, excavation paths for safety and stability (also at a depth of over 25′) that stretched 10′ in width to 150′ in length, and the installation of two large 100′ bridge cranes to bring pumps to the test area. The pumps, rated up to 8,000 horsepower, utilize 24″, 36″, and 60″ diameter piping and have flow rates up to 150,000 gallons per minute. Once testing is complete, the pumps head to the sand pit for cleaning, the paint booth for final finishing, and finally loaded into trucks for distribution. In addition to the highly specialized scope, the project’s site, situated on a NYSDEC Brownfield, was contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls and heavy metals resulting from historic industrial use. To keep the project moving within a tight timeline and driven by Gould’s commitment to its clients, VIP prepared an Environmental Work Plan, approved by the NYSDEC, that allowed the project to move forward without costly delays resulting from site conditions.

The office renovation project created a central office hub, allowing the relocation of approximately 150 off-campus personnel to ITT Gould’s newly renovated space on their 1,000,000 SF campus. The project included a new open office area, new conference rooms, a break room, finishes upgrades, ADA upgrades, and new mechanical and lighting systems. VIP’s phased implementation plan allowed ITT-Goulds Pumps to maintain operations during the project’s 38-week construction.


ITT-Goulds Pumps is a leader in the global pump industry with facilities in the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.