Feldmeier Equipment

New Manufacturing Facility | Syracuse, NY


125,000 SF



Construction: VIP Structures

MEP Engineering: IPD Engineering

Architecture: VIP Architectural Associates

In spring of 2017, Feldmeier Equipment asked VIP’s team of architects and engineers to design and construct a new manufacturing facility. With the goal to complete construction within one year, this project transformed from a simple need for more space into a state-of-the-art headquarters facility, showcasing Feldmeier’s capability as a quality fabricator of stainless steel tanks for the pharmaceutical industry.

The exterior façade design was crucial in order to meet town approvals and the brand’s high-tech image. VIP’s architects were collaborative with the town planning board throughout the entire approval process to ensure the design met the community’s needs as well as to ensure schedule adherence.

With VIP’s integrated approach, this new facility was designed, constructed, and occupied within 14-months. 

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