Kris-Tech Wire

New Manufacturing Facility | Rome, NY




Phase 1 – 49,000 SF

Phase 2 – 26,000 SF



Kris-Tech Wire (Owner)

VIP Structures

IPD Engineering

VIP Architectural Associates

Kris-Tech Wire is a leading copper and aluminum wire manufacturing company. Looking to maintain their leading position in the industry, and to continue to expand their customer base, Kris-Tech determined that a new facility was required.

VIP’s early understanding of company goals and ability to develop unique, innovative, and cost-effective solutions allowed Kris-Tech to feel confident in their decision. VIP led the comprehensive site selection process that was custom tailored to criteria that was important to Kris-Tech. In addition, VIP assisted with the orchestration of several economic development incentives for the company to soften the impact of the capital expense.

The design was a collaborative effort with the owner’s team involved on many levels. VIP and Kris-Tech worked together to develop efficient equipment layouts that improved the work flow and material flow. To allow for entrance into new markets, accommodate new re-tooling process’ and increase production capability, the manufacturing facility and associated mechanical systems were designed to accommodate new technologies. In addition, the collaborative design was made to future proof the building with pre-planned expansion capability.

The original high-tech manufacturing facility was 50,000 SF.  Within a short time after completion, the first expansion was underway, an additional 26,000 SF warehouse addition.  And again a few years later, due to continued success, the office area required an expansion.  All seamlessly designed and constructed around an operating facility by VIP.


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