VIP Structures

New Office Headquarters | Syracuse, NY


24,000 SF


Completed 2023




Construction: VIP Structures

MEP Engineering: IPD Engineering

Architecture: VIP Architectural Associates

Developer: VIP Development Associates

VIP was recently in the unique position to design and build its own facility, offering a rare opportunity to implement its own beliefs into the functionality of its new space. VIP’s new office and design studio is centered around enhancing employee health and wellness, fostering collaboration and efficiency, and inspiring teams to adapt as the company grows and implements its vision for the future.

The space offers comfort and amenities for all employees and promotes VIP’s integration and design-build project delivery with sit/stand desks, abundant natural sunlight, a family area for fun, and a variety of private spaces for employees. One of the main meeting areas includes glass garage doors that open to a patio facing N. Salina Street, connecting employees to downtown and offering staff and community organizations with a unique and open environment for collaboration. The building also incorporates LEED and WELL Building elements, with a focus on energy efficiency, green technology, responsible resource management and minimizing VIP’s carbon footprint.

Throughout the design and construction, VIP saw small building elements working together to make a big impact. Every decision and choice were very intentional, and the result is an office that represents the VIP vision – to find A Better Way.