American Granby

Delivery Method:  Design-Build
Architect: VIP Architectural Associates, PLLC
Engineer: IPD Engineering
Construction: VIP Structures, Inc.
Project Type: Industrial – Manufacturing/Warehouse
Project Size:  113,000 SF (2005) | 42,000 SF (2015)

VIP’s architects and construction professionals began working with American Granby in 2005 for the design and construction of their 113,000 SF warehouse and distribution center in Liverpool, NY. The success of this project, and the relationship that was formed, led American Granby to reengage with VIP’s architects, engineers and construction team to design and build a 42,000 SF warehouse expansion in 2018. This seamless expansion was possible as a result of expansion end walls that were incorporated into the buildings original design in 2005.  

This state-of-the art 155,000 SF warehouse allows American Granby to stock over 20,000 items for wholesale distributors throughout the United States, Canada and around the world