What Is an AECD Firm?

AECD firms like VIP Structures are a cornerstone of planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining any new commercial or residential building project. Architectural, Engineering, Construction, and Development firms work together to create almost any commercial building or housing project out there. 


Architectural design is the springboard for any new project. VIP Structure’s design architects work closely with the client to translate their requirements into drawings and models. Some responsibilities of the architect are to create daily progress and budget reports, manage the bidding process of contractors, and make sure work is completed in a timely manner.


Once architects have developed the concept and model of a new project, now it is time for the engineering team to oversee the construction and maintenance of each project. Responsibilities of VIP Structure’s engineers include developing project budgets, managing the progress and safety of job sites, coordinating resources, and acting as an affiliation between the client and subcontractors. 


Project managers are a fundamental part of the construction process, by collaborating with contractors and subcontractors to ensure each project is completed on time and within budget. VIP Structure’s construction team works with architects and engineers to develop plans, establish timelines, and determine the cost of materials and labor. They make sure all work is up to code and identify any possible internal or external risks. 


Unlike most architecture firms, VIP Structures offers a single point of contact for the entire process. The development team manages everything from site selection, financing, architecture, engineering, construction, and property management. This ensures clear communication and brilliant execution of any new project.

VIP Structures has a company full of highly experienced and dedicated leaders to make meaningful outcomes for our clients. VIP Structures is here to help you convert ideas into actions, producing positive results. Contact us today to take on your next project with confidence.