CEO Meg Tidd on “A Better Way”

SYRACUSE, N.Y. June. 26, 2024 – On April 15th, 2024, CEO of VIP Structures Meg Tidd had the opportunity to speak with Kate Hammer, host of Centerstate CEO’s Talk CNY “Economic Champions” miniseries. The miniseries is dedicated to honoring the inspiring businesses that make Central New York a great place. During their conversation, Meg was able to share a bit about herself, VIP company values, and how VIP is contributing to the recent growth within the region.

“At VIP Structures, we are focused on finding a Better Way For One Another, For Our Communities, and For Our Planet.”
Meg Tidd
CEO of VIP Structures

Our tagline has come to coincide with our evolution as a generational entity. Initially founded in 1975 by former CEO Dave Nutting, VIP Structures has redefined itself to adapt and grow as the construction and development industry modernizes. In its earliest form, VIP offered combined design and commercial construction services.

An architect by trade, Dave questioned the complexity of industrial development and why projects of this nature are so fragmented when all facets could operate under one roof. Hence, VIP’s incorporation of design and construction, birthing our notable integrated design-build model.

Current CEO Meg Tidd has been with VIP for twelve years. Meg started as a Marketing Intern. In time, she took on a leadership role within Marketing and Sales, eventually transitioning into the role of COO before establishing herself as CEO. Just as VIP as an organization has transitioned from a first-generation entrepreneurial company led by Dave to an established, second-generation company led by Meg, our tagline has likewise evolved. The line “Architects Who Build” became “A Better Way to Build” after a thorough rebranding exercise in 2015. Around 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Meg began envisioning VIP as an agent of change in our community. What once was “A Better Way to Build” was simplified to “A Better Way,” a Better Way For One Another, For Our Community, and For Our Planet. “A Better Way” is intended to hold countless meanings to everyone, though the base emphasis is simple — to do better. The different interpretations of our tagline are where its impact on our company begins.

Meg attributes our success and growth to the local community’s enduring support, spanning almost 50 years. We strive to give back to our community by creating opportunities for local artists, youth, charities, and projects. We define Pike Block as one of our proudest projects, as we, with the help of the NY State Historic Preservation Office and the National Park Service, were able to revitalize four significant buildings while following the NPS Standard for Historic Preservation. Pike Block has since won numerous awards and continues flourishing as a lively apartment community with a dynamic design and modern amenities. At Pike Block, we brought together our four companies to give new life to this historic location in downtown Syracuse.

“When we think about the future as a company, and when I think about what that’s going to look like, it’s less rooted in the best business practices, and who’s that next big client, and what’s our revenue going to look like, and what’s the growth trajectory look like? It is way more rooted in - how do we keep doing better? How do we keep doing more? How do we keep showing up for this community?”
Meg Tidd
CEO of VIP Structures

The region is growing; a new inspired energy has taken root in Central New York. We can all feel it, and we are excited to be a part of it.

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