Berry Plastics

Manufacturing & Warehouse, Solvay, NY


Pre-Engineered Metal Building

243,900 SF total




Construction: VIP Structures

Architecture: VIP Architectural Associates

Landis Plastics, based out of Illinois, was established in 1954 and manufactured injection molded and thermoformed plastic packaging for the dairy and other food products industries. In 1992 Landis hired VIP Structures to build a 134,000 SF manufacturing/warehouse facility in Solvay, NY.

In 2003 Landis Plastics was acquired by Berry Plastics. Berry Plastics, based out of Indiana, got its start in 1967 and now operates over 83 facilities throughout the United States and Europe. Berry Plastics is considered a leader in the manufacturing of injection-molded plastic packaging thermoformed products, flexible films, tapes and coatings.

VIP was engaged by Berry Plastics to design and build a 78,300 SF warehouse addition. This was made possible due to our original design (1992) which was designed and built to accommodate future expansions. VIP has partnered with Berry Plastics on a number of projects. Most recently VIP completed a 15,000 SF pad to accommodate heavy equipment utilized in Berry’s manufacturing process. Today VIP has completed over 243,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space for Berry Plastics.

VIP’s design and construction team worked closely to develop an in-line process so Berry Plastics can achieve lean manufacturing.