The Evolution of Interior Design  – 4 Trends with Staying Power

The days of people sitting in cubicles all day are waning. Office environments have made tremendous strides in reinventing themselves to keep pace with market demands.

The idea is to create spaces within the work environment that are stimulating, innovative and energizing places to be. Work environments are infusing company culture and introducing nontraditional spaces, open floor plans, green spaces, community spaces, and so much more.

Here are a few interior design trends we are seeing that have had staying power and continue to gain momentum as companies look to stay relevant in today’s competitive market place.

#1 Experience Design Spaces

These spaces are unique and are often seen at colleges and universities to create a robust campus life and attract students. However, corporate America has taken notice of how these spaces can boost morale, cultivate community, overall wellness, and retention.

Experience Design Spaces Include:

  • Meditation areas

  • Yoga studios and walking/jogging trails

  • Rock climbing walls

  • Espresso and cocktail bars

  • Game rooms and virtual reality gaming spaces

#2 Open Office – Collaborative Space

This is not a new trend, but one that has staying power. Collaborative spaces are getting better as designers look to unique materials, finishes and furniture options to create a sense of space without the confinement of traditional walls and cubicle partitions.

Open Office – Collaborative Spaces Include:

  • Dynamic, multi-use meeting areas

  • Unconventional creative areas

  • Lots of glass

  • Portable green wall dividers

  • Lightweight mobile furniture

  • Plenty of desk space

  • Comfortable couches and chairs

#3 Old is New Again

This all started with private developers transforming old historic buildings into mixed-use apartment buildings. Now companies with their design teams have the perfect backdrop to create modern environments that incorporate the rustic warm and aged timbers and bricks that provide a sense of history, strength, and steadfastness that is hard to duplicate in new construction. The combination of old and new elements creates a space that is warm and welcoming yet spacious and vibrant.

Features Include:

  • Smooth and soft textures

  • Brilliant splashes of color

  • Old-world craftsmanship

  • Glass and metal

  • Modern furniture and office equipment

#4 Bringing the Outside In

We have talked about this in a blog post a few months ago in our discussion about Biophilic design. The essence of Biophilic design is to take cues from nature incorporating patterns and forms seen in nature into the built environment. The biophilic design creates a connection between nature and manmade environments. The characteristics of this design trend can be seen in WELL Certified and LEED Certified buildings.

Elements of this trend include:

  • Living green walls

  • Natural/organic materials

  • Natural lighting

  • Thermal comfort and high-quality ventilation

  • Visual connection with nature

Interior designers continue to push the boundaries of our interior spaces. The goal is to go beyond the expected and to dive into timeless, dynamic and engaging spaces that capture the essence of its users.

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