6 Benefits of Working in Construction

A career working in construction carries many benefits, particularly in Upstate New York. Why work in construction in Upstate New York? For starters, there is growth and a promising future for the industry as a whole. A recent study found that in 2016 the construction industry saw a 2.4% growth from the previous year. Even more promising, from 2017 to 2021 the construction industry is expected to see an average growth rate of 2.8% each year.

Commercial construction for industrial, manufacturing, distribution, warehouse, metal buildings, commercial, housing, healthcare, and education clients.

What about in terms of monetary value for the construction industry? In U.S. dollars, the global construction output is valued at $8.8 trillion, which is higher than its value in 2012 at $7.9 trillion. In 2021, the global construction industry is expected to grow to a value of $10.1 trillion.

Beyond the growth and bright future for construction, there are a number of compelling reasons to work in the construction industry. This is true for both young employees and seasoned career professionals. Learn more about 6 factors that are driving employment in the construction industry in Upstate New York below.

Skills Learned on the Job

Construction skills are highly valued by employers, and those in the industry understand the value of having specific skillsets and abilities that can be used on the job site. The construction industry develops workers’ skillsets in framing, drywall, and many other types of technical work. For example, these skills include tasks like placing concrete, which is learned directly on the job for those who prefer this type of learning style. For those workers who learn best by “doing,” working in construction might be a perfect fit.

Knowledge of Local Development

Another great aspect of having a job in construction is the ability to keep an eye on what is happening in your local community and region. Development is a hot topic in many American cities and towns, as cities like Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse have all had recent urban revitalizations. Having a direct hand in this regrowth can create an immense amount of pride in one’s work in construction. One can leave a mark in the community in which they live, work, and play.

Chances for Advancement

Many of those who get involved in the construction industry can climb the promotion ladder quickly over time. Job titles can range from “Construction Coordinator” to “Construction Foreman” to “Construction Supervisor,” each with varying degrees of management duties. Advancement and opportunities can continue from there into construction management roles such as estimating, project management, operations, and company leadership jobs. Unlike in other industries, the chances of advancement in construction are linked directly to the skills, performance, and ability to work with others on the job site. Nearly all construction managers start with lower level work on the job site and work their way up. Having hands-on experience helps you become a better manager down the road.

Seeing Immediate Results from Work

One of the big reasons employees work in construction is the ability to see a commercial project grow each day over time. Progress is clearly visible. In service industries, there is a large disconnect between the work people put in and the results that they see. Looking at sales numbers or quotas is not as tangible as witnessing a construction project grow from start to finish. Take historic redevelopments for example, where abandoned buildings are revitalized into usable space. Working in construction becomes more than just creating something when you are rehabilitating important historic structures and are directly part of a community’s development. A great sense of accomplishment can be gained by constructing something that will last beyond a lifetime.

Team Collaboration

In many corporate offices, bosses and managers try desperately to instill a sense of team building and teamwork in a department. In construction, team building is evident naturally. Teams have shared goals and responsibilities. Sequencing of work is critical and essential to constructing a project, so everyone relies on one another to finish their task on time so the next team can begin their work.

Lots of Jobs and Opportunities

As previously stated, the construction industry is growing. In fact, Glassdoor estimates that there are currently over 13,000 jobs currently available in construction in New York State. Many construction companies across NYS are looking for construction workers, which means there is a high demand.

In Summary

A career in construction challenges workers physically and mentally, building the strength and skills that can be applied on the job. At VIP Structures, our team has more than 40 years of experience and successes in the construction industry.

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