We often forget to recognize all of the individuals who play a role in making sure operations run smoothly; this includes everyone from the receptionist to the field technician to the designer. At VIP’s Annual Company Party, we take the time to recognize the employees who make a difference in the success of our company. Our Employee Recognition Awards, which start as nominations by our fellow peers, and Longevity Awards recognize those who help VIP reach our mission and get us closer to our goals. Congratulations to all the recipients! We are thankful you choose to work at VIP.

Awardees: Commitment To and From Employees: Gordon Quackenbush Community Focus: Valerie Countryman Innovation: Erin Radley Collaboration: Lindsay Diefendorf Client Focus: Jim Kinbaum Safety: Jim Shuba Chairman’s Choice: Jim Weiss

Longevity Awards: 5 Years: Jeremy Fudo, Brian Stanton, Dave Schug, Tatia Campbell, Brenda Barriger, Greg Blais, Kevin Lepak 10 Years: Kate Nutting, Sam Cosamano, Christianne Radziewicz 15 Years: Jason Cantrell 20 years: Carmelo Fonseca 35 years: Charlie Wallace, Bill Cadieux, Joe Coss 40 years: Jim Herr, Reggie Sears, Jim Weiss

Check out a video of the award winners.