Victory Lofts Project wins NYS Historic Preservation Award!

Congratulations to our client, Paulus Development, for its Victory Lofts project, which was honored with a NYS Historic Preservation Award for Excellence in Historic Building Preservation, Rehabilitation, or Restoration.

As we celebrate National Preservation Month, the Victory Lofts stand as a testament to what can be achieved when history and modernity converge. This project highlights the importance of preservation in our communities and demonstrates that with creativity and collaboration, even the most neglected spaces can be transformed into something extraordinary. VIP Architecture and IPD Engineering are proud to have played a role in this transformative project, honored by the recognition received, and remain committed to transformative designs that meet today’s needs and respect and revitalize the stories of the past.

Reviving a Local Landmark

The Victory Lofts project began with a vision to breathe new life into the former EJ Victory Shoe Factory, a structure that stood vacant for four decades. This vision was formalized through an RFP released by Johnson City in 2017, marking the city’s proactive step toward the redevelopment of this historical site. Through the expertise and collaboration of Paulus Development and the design team, this vision was brought to life, transforming the once-abandoned factory into a vibrant residential complex with 156 one- and two-bedroom units. These units are thoughtfully distributed across the second, third and fourth floors, with amenities and covered parking on the ground floor.

The design philosophy guiding this project was deeply rooted in respect for the building’s historical essence while integrating modern living standards. The redevelopment was meticulously planned to adhere to the National Park Service’s Historic Preservation guidelines and the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation. These standards ensured that every aspect of the renovation paid homage to the building’s original character and significance.

Strategic design decisions were made to maximize space efficiency while preserving the architectural integrity of the factory. This included the installation of historically accurate replica windows and the restoration of original concrete structures, which now stand proudly exposed, accentuating the building’s industrial past. The ground floor, once a bustling platform for the EJ Victory Shoes operations, now houses comprehensive amenities including a fitness center, community room, and even a pet spa, all designed to foster a sense of community among residents.

The Victory Lofts not only revitalized a key historical landmark but also spurred economic growth and community development in Johnson City. Beyond revitalization, the project supports the adjacent Binghamton Medical Campus, catalyzes further developments and attracts residents to the Johnson City Historic District, significantly impacting the local community. Local officials have praised the transformation, recognizing it as a symbol of Johnson City’s rebirth.