The Role of Engineering in AECD Firms

The role of an architectural engineer at an engineering company is more hands-on compared to an architect. VIP Structures has a team of 38 in-house engineers who offer a full range of engineering services for any system required in any building, such as electrical engineering and structural engineering to name a few. We count on our amazing team of engineers to make sure the jobs are done safely and accurately. 

Coordinating Resources and Employees

Architectural engineers work closely with front line workers such as plumbers, electricians, HVAC workers and more to ensure that all the subcontractors understand what their tasks are each day. If issues occur on a job site, it is the responsibility of the project engineer to meet with the leader of the appropriate trade to resolve any problem that comes up. Engineers also manage the equipment, building materials, and other resources that are needed at the location. 

Developing Project Budgets

When coordinating resources and employees, it’s the job of the project engineer to create budgets for each project to ensure  the right amount of equipment, materials, and workers are ordered or hired without going over budget.

Overseeing Safety 

Safety is of the utmost importance on any job site and it’s the job of the engineer to make sure everyone is following safety protocols set by the contractor. This includes using proper fall protection when working at heights, fire extinguishers for any hot work like grinding, and ensuring equipment has the proper safety equipment installed and is operational. 

Serving as a Connection Between the Client and Subcontractors

If there are any changes that the client wants to make when inspecting a job site, it is the responsibility of the project engineer to relay this information to the proper subcontractors to get the adjustments made. Engineers also connect with the client about progress reports and timelines for their project.

Architectural engineers have one of the most important jobs because they make sure everyone knows their tasks and that those tasks are completed safely, up to code, and on time. Come meet with our talented team of engineers to make sure your project is built right the first time.