Technology in Construction – How Far We Have Come

Technology in Construction – How Far We Have Come

At first, there was a rope and pulley system and then machinery. Now, there is drone technology.

A recent study reported 26% of construction professionals are using drone technology or plan to use it by 2020. Of those who currently use drone technology, Georgia Tech indicates that job efficiency improves by 60%.

We are always looking for ways to save our client’s money and increase our team’s efficiency and quality and the utilization of drone technology is one way that will help us meet the demands of our industry and provide the best service possible to our client’s.

Here are a few ways we see drone technology benefiting our projects as we continue to evolve this technology.

Benefit #1: Mapping

Mapping a construction site is an extensive process. It requires a lot of time, skill, and money to capture site footage and information needed. It is also a labor-intensive process, particularly for large projects that require a plane fly-over to capture all the necessary photos.

With a drone, we can program the small, maneuverable device to fly in and out of every area of the construction site to capture the images required. Using a drone decreases the time, money, and man-hours required to map a site. It also gets more detailed information than possible in the past. This information can be sent right from the drone straight to the project mapping software for immediate results.

Benefit #2: Inspections – Quality Control

A busy construction site needs to be inspected regularly. However, a visual inspection can be dangerous in high-risk areas and can disrupt normal construction progress. A drone reduces the health and safety risks of visual inspections by allowing site managers to monitor the site from the safety of their offices. Also, reviewing the project from an aerial perspective can open up new insights and provide more in-depth knowledge of the job as it is completed.

Benefit #3: Project Management Assistance

Running a large construction project is complicated and time-consuming. It takes an involved management team that regularly visits the site to analyze progress.

Drones allow our management team to see progress in real-time. A also reveals how resources are moving on the construction site and how to better use resources for \ optimal results. Finally, drones provide a unique perspective of the site, from a high-level overview to a close-up look of various areas of the project.

Benefit #4: Estimations

Every construction project begins with an estimate. The problem is getting an in-depth view of the project from a variety of perspectives to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to the estimate. A drone provides a unique look at the project and increases the chance of bidding more accurately and competitively.

Benefit #5: Building Surveys

Renovation projects require building surveys to check for the conditions of a building’s roof and to search out faults and defects. Unfortunately, surveying a building can be difficult and unsafe. In the past, it required scaffolding, ladders, and safety equipment which presented many challenges and could also be dangerous.

With a drone, building surveys are a quicker process that requires far less equipment and saves time and money.

Learn more about the importance of building condition surveys.G

Benefit #6: Infrared Scanning

Drone technology has introduced the ability to take infrared scans of buildings and structures using a UAV drone. This drone is equipped with an infrared camera capable of capturing the thermal energy emitted from a building to look for problem areas, moisture build-up, growth of fungus and mold, or structural compromises.

Drones are an invaluable new tool in the construction industry and our Design Technology Manager is working with our teams to ensure this technology is beneficial in assisting us in providing the best service to our clients.


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