Satisfying Hunger in Our Region

For over ten years, VIP has worked with the Food Bank of CNY in their mission to eliminate hunger throughout the region. In 2009 our first project gave them the space necessary to distribute over 30,000 meals daily and offer educational programs to those in our community who are less fortunate. With a current expansion project and through several annual fundraising events, we are proud to be partners with the Food Bank of CNY in giving back to our community.

The Food Bank of CNY was established in 1985 with a mission to eliminate hunger through nutritious food distribution, education and advocacy in cooperation with the community. The Food Bank of CNY engaged VIP to assist them in developing a solution to their current space needs. Through this partnership, a solution was found.

With the acquisition of the Plainville Turkey Farm distribution facility in Van Buren, VIP’s architectural, engineering, and construction teams were able to transform the existing building into a carbon footprint-reducing office and warehouse facility. The heating and cooling systems in the offices are powered by geothermal wells, which utilize less energy to maintain consistent temperatures. The warehouse uses ample windows, recycled materials, and low VOC interior finishes. They are the first food bank in America to use a geothermal HVAC system.

The Food Bank of CNY takes part in numerous fundraising and awareness events throughout the year. Learn more about their mission to eliminate hunger.

Delivery Method: Architecture, Construction Management
Owner: Food Bank of Central New York
Total Size: 74,000 SF
Construction: VIP Structures, Inc.
Architecture: VIP Architectural Associates, PLLC