Price Rite Partners with VIP Structures

VIP Structures was selected by Price Rite to construct the retailer’s first store in the Utica, NY market. The grocery store has been built out in 32,000 SF of space in an existing building at 501 Bleecker Street in the downtown area of Utica. This is the third store that VIP has partnered with Price Rite on. This project consists of exterior façade and site improvements, loading dock renovations, as well as a complete grocery store buildout. This project features an energy efficient bright lighting system and will deviate from their prototypical standard white VCT by utilizing the existing concrete slab in order to reduce their ongoing maintenance cost. With this in mind, our Project Managers jumped at the opportunity to think outside the box to develop and offer several different options of grinding, polishing and finishing of the concrete floor. Four final treatments were developed and sample areas were polished within the active construction site for Price Rite executives to select from. In keeping with VIP’s strategic directive to provide client-focused services, VIP also took an active role in procuring economic development incentives. Representing Price Rite at Utica Industrial Development Agency meetings and assisting with various application procedures and forms, we were instrumental in securing benefits for the project worth $150,000. Most importantly (for a retailer), VIP was able to put together an aggressive 12-week construction schedule which allowed the grocery store to open on Sunday, June 25.