Measure Twice, Cut Once

“Measure twice, cut once” is a well-known and often used phrase  in carpentry. The meaning being quite literal: measure the wood twice before making a cut to ensure all pieces fit together correctly. The sentiment of this phrase can be extended to other areas in the construction industry, including procurement.

Procurement is one of the most important activities in the success of any construction project. And now more than ever, with material and labor costs continuing to rise, the procurement process relies heavily on the experience, market knowledge and resources of the design and construction project team.

In the very early stages of pre-construction, procurement needs to be “measured twice.”

LEAD TIME dramatically affects the schedule and overall cost of any given construction project. Understanding how long it will take to obtain necessary commodities and how the project schedule is impacted during the pre-construction phase allows the team to make material adjustments as needed in reducing potential delays and added costs.

STRATEGIC SOURCING is the process of developing channels of supply at the lowest total costs, not just the lowest purchase price. Where is the best source for needed commodities? What is the lowest cost of moving those commodities? How will that impact project cost? How can we reduce our carbon footprint in the movement of goods?

VENDOR AND/OR BUYER-SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIPS are critical in developing trust. Determining which vendor partnerships should be fostered and encouraged and understanding how that will impact project cost and schedule need to be considered.

Procurement is not only the purchase of commodities. It includes the engagement of skilled labor and sub-contractors. Who are the most qualified and skilled? Do they meet the standards expected by your organization? How will their work impact the final project deliverable?

When each of these elements are measured accurately during the pre-construction phase, procurement becomes a seamless and invaluable part of the project; a piece that was cut correctly.

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