How Laser Scanning Saves You Time And Money

For VIP Structures , 3D laser scanning technology is an invaluable asset to creating structural sound work, on time. Builders that utilize 3D lasers can save both time and money through the numeral benefits of this technology. Here are some examples:

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For a construction company, one of the biggest threats to a construction schedule and budget is the unknown. Inaccurate blueprints and miscalculated measurements can lead to costly delays and errors. 3D laser scanning technology can help eliminate guesswork and errors, by creating a point cloud of data. By setting up a scanner on equipment similar to a surveyor’s tripod, and placing targets at various positions in the scan area, the operator is able to create an accurate 3D model. With the use of this technology, construction companies can save time, money and headaches.

Cost Effective

3D laser scanning technology can provide builders the benefit of reducing waste, and ensuring flatness and levelness. By providing precise measurements for material ordering, contractors can order exact quantities of materials, eliminating over-ordering. By scanning periodically throughout the project, construction managers can keep a record of true progress and tweak the schedule as necessary. 3D laser scanning systems can scan a fresh concrete pour for flatness and levelness, delivering results fast enough to make changes while the concrete is still wet. With these benefits, 3D laser scanning can save construction companies time and money.

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Helps To Avoid Hazards

3D laser scanning is an invaluable tool when renovating older buildings. As current blueprints may not exist, and conditions may make it dangerous for multiple workers to maneuver through the space at once, 3D laser scanning can easily capture the necessary measurements and layout information. Scanners may be used to enhance safety by identifying hazards such as holes in floors and dangerous slopes, as well as provide legal protection by creating a record that can be used in a future legal action or insurance claim. Making 3D laser scanners an investment worth making.


3D laser scanning is an invaluable tool. Not only does it allow for accurate measurements to be taken quickly and easily, 3D laser scanners can capture minute discrepancies in existing conditions. This allows planners to detect clashes between building systems and structure before they connect with a construction team – avoiding wasted materials and costly delays due to reworking designs on-site.

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Laser scanning is a reliable way to create more accurate as-builts and prevent costly clashes during construction. Trust VIP Structures to use the highest grade technology solutions for your project.