How Architects And Engineers Work Together To Design Buildings

Building a commercial real estate property is a highly complex order. Luckily, VIP Structures’ team of highly revered architects and studied engineers work hand-in-hand to create a structure that meets the customer’s unique requirements. This collaborative effort ensures that the structure is designed and built to the customer’s exact specifications.

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Collaborative Construction

Construction design is a highly collaborative process. At VIP Structures, our architectural associates are committed to providing excellent architectural services that meet the budgetary and timeline requirements of our clients. Our architects work directly with in-house engineers to specialize and fine tune feasibility studies, master planning, and programming, ensuring that all programmatic needs are met. Our dedication to quality has made us a trusted name in the architecture field.

Structural Design

Like an onion, there are many layers to designing a building. Depending on location and intended building use, architects and engineers work to ensure the blueprints, building logistics and structural integrity all tie together, seamlessly. Architects work as the creative minds behind a structure, to design the building with the customer’s specifications in mind. Meanwhile, engineers bring the design to fruition, developing the electrical drawings, structural layout, and plumbing schematics. Together, architects and engineers collaborate to create one beautiful, functional structure.

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Working Together

As architects are responsible for creating the aesthetic design, engineers determine strategies that ensure the aesthetic materials are safe and stable. Both lean on each other to enhance the exterior and interior appeal of the building. Engineers produce structural designs based on the foundations, drainage, grading, utilities, and load calculations. By combining the work of architects and engineers, a successful and safe construction project can be achieved.

Why VIP Stands Out

Our team of experienced architects take great pride in their work, and are committed to delivering excellence in architecture. Our legions have an impressive list of projects, with obvious engineering and architectural craftsmanship. VIP Structures is proud to be pioneers in our industry. We take great pride in having developed one of the first geothermal systems in a downtown environment – a highly regarded energy system that can save commercial grade buildings money and energy. Vip Structures is eager to provide you the same outstanding innovative services to paint the skies with flawless, gorgeous buildings.

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We strive to be a true partner to our clients, engaging in creative and collaborative communication to ensure that our engineering solutions meet their unique needs. Our unique team of specific expertise delivers a better way to build, making VIP Structures a trustworthy name in architecture and engineering.