Helping Rebuild Historic Structures

In 1907, The Anthony & Scovill Company, ANSCO, was established in Binghamton, NY manufacturing paper, film, and cameras. In 1937, ANSCO purchased 16 Emma Street from the General Cigar Company and by the 1940’s, ANSCO Camera Factory was the second largest manufacturer of photographic suppliers in the world. ANSCO became the paper and film division of GAF Corporation, operating the factory till 1977. Today, the ANSCO Camera Factory building is being transformed into a mixed-use redevelopment. The massive 156,000 SF factory will provide basement-level parking, commercial space on the 1st floor and approximately 100 residential units on floors 2-4.

Our sister company, IPD Engineering, has been working with architectural firm DALPOS and Paulus Development’s team to revitalize this 1927 historic landmark. “We have enjoyed working with Paulus Development and their team on this project,” stated Sam Gramet, Vice President of IPD Engineering. The project is currently under construction with an anticipated completion date of June 2019.

This is IPD’s second historic adaptive reuse project with Paulus Development. IPD was part of the team that revitalized the Dietz Building in Syracuse, NY.

Owner:  Paulus Development
Total Size:  150,000 SF
Architect:  DALPOS
Engineer: IPD Engineering
Construction:  Hueber Breuer