Design Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

Design explained in fewer than 140 characters

Asking experts to simply explain what design is, can be like asking Stephen Hawking to simply explain his black hole theory. With so many moving parts and pieces, design can come off as so complicated to those who have not studied it, that they lose interest in learning any piece of it. Luckily, we have come up with a twitter-friendly, 140 character or less explanation of design, to help define what it is

“Design is the combination of form and function – it establishes the way people experience a space or object.”

While our design team at VIP understands the many nuances of design, they also understand, as a part of an integrated design-build firm, that they must bring a clients vision to life and help them and the project team understand how the design conveys that vision not only in form but in function in their simplest form, like a 140 character tweet.