Cryomech, a company specializing in research and manufacturing of cryogenic equipment, is working with VIP Development Associates on plans to relocate their business to a much larger space in DeWitt. The proposal includes building a facility on a new 14-acre site on Moore Road, not far from their current facility. VIP would design and construct the building and then lease it to Cryomech.

The new 76,500 SF building would house office and manufacturing space. Cryomech has outgrown its existing 42,000 SF facility as their business is increasing. The property will also have room to add on in the future. Construction on the new building is planned for this summer.

Cryomech has developed an array of products including cryocoolers, cryostats, helium management devices and liquid nitrogen plants. These are often custom-designed to meet the needs of customers in fields such as medicine, agriculture, aerospace, energy and computing. Cryomech products operate in more than 50 countries on all seven continents.

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Delivery Method: Design-Build-Lease
Owner: Cryomech Inc.
Total Size: 76,500 SF
Construction: VIP Structures, Inc.
Architecture: VIP Architectural Associates, PLLC
Engineering: IPD Engineering
Development: VIP Development Associates, Inc.
Project Manager: Jim Herr
Development Executive: Christine Stevens
Client Representative: Vince Raymond