An Impromptu Home Office – Creating A Work Space Where Non-Existed

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we are all facing a new normal; working from home. What many of us thought might be a two to three week situation, has turned into a far greater duration. This new reality has us all scrambling as we develop new routines to our daily lives  and leaves us asking a number of questions. The biggest hurtle many of us are faceting is where to set up the computer to create a more permanent home office that doesn’t impact the entire household. And just a few words of wisdom, your bed should not be your ultimate solution.

Creating a home office is not as difficult as it may seem, it all starts with finding the right space and viewing your spaces a little differently. Here’s were thinking outside the box comes into play. Look around your home and see what empty spaces you have. Sometimes that is a closet, the hallway, and even below the stair risers. All available space should be considered as fair game.

If there isn’t enough space, to carve out a a homeoffice, Perkins & Will our design partner on the Nexus Center has come up with a cleaver way to make an “insta-office” out of common materials. Take a look:

Next, add some personality to the workspace. While this may not seem necessary, it will improve your quality of work at home. Add some plants, pictures, or a piece of wall art to make this space as energetic as possible.

Lastly, set some boundaries. Once you have your space carved out and ready to go, it is time to set some boundaries. Keep your office work separate from your home paperwork. Set designated work times. Working your regular 9-5 may seem more challenging to do and tend to your kids, figure out a time that will allow you to be most productive.

Remember, you are not alone. Know you are not alone and share with us your creative solutions. 


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