Changes in the Pre-Engineered Building Marketplace and How VIP is Considering Options to Save Client’s Money

As new energy codes are introduced, clients are experiencing higher costs and increased installation times.

On March 9, 2016, the New York State Code Council voted to amend the current Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State (for commercial buildings only).  The new code improves the thermal performance of a building but adds significant cost with increased material and labor to install.

VIP has been researching and testing different insulation solutions that will provide its customers with the most efficient process of installation, bringing the best value to meet the new energy code. Varco Pruden, VIP’s metal building supplier since 1975, has developed a unique insulation bridge design called the Thermalift Insulation System.

Engineered to be installed above the building structure, Thermalift eliminates the need for banding and reduces installation time and cost when compared to alternatives. This innovative roof system allows the insulation to be installed more efficiently and with better recovery, resulting in a more energy efficient building.

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