Brooklyn Pickle Gears Up for Third Location

Brooklyn Pickle has come a long way since 1975 when it opened its first location on Burnet Avenue. Soon to follow was their second location on West Genesee Street. Both locations have undergone extensive renovations, and now Brooklyn Pickle is embarking on a third location.

VIP has been part of Brooklyn Pickle’s growth over the years, providing design and construction for the expansion and renovations to the West Genesee Street location. VIP Architectural Associates is currently working with owners Ken and Craig on designing their third location. Their new 5,700 SF New York style deli will be located on Buckley Road in Liverpool. The project has received Town approval and design is nearing completion.

Brooklyn Pickle, a staple in the Syracuse community, is a true New York style deli offering giant overstuffed deli sandwiches, huge subs, homemade soups, and let’s not forget their authentic Brooklyn pickle garnish that accompanies every order.