A Day in the Life at VIP

Have you ever wondered what a typical day at VIP Structures is like? Let’s start by saying everyday around here is different, but in the best way possible!

VIP is made up of architecture, engineering, construction and development all under one roof and all communicating with clients through a single point of contact. Everyday our team works together to perfect our design-build craft and deliver the highest quality projects for our clients

Collaboration is key in our integrated process.

From delivering projects faster to minimizing long-term operation costs, VIP’s design-build approach offers the right expertise at the right time throughout the building process. Our process also empowers clients to make informed and timely project decisions. 

The Power of Integration

Time Saving

Scheduling Control
Expedited Delivery

Integrated Assurance

Builds Trust
Promotes Teamwork
Delivers QA/QC

Cost Saving

Limits Costly Change Orders
Lowers Cost to Owner
Value Engineering

Working together from a seed of an idea through construction closeouts enables us to seamlessly lead clients through a collaborative, innovative, and efficient process. 

Let our team inspire you to take on your next project with confidence!