6 Factors to Consider When Hiring an Architecture, Engineering or Construction Firm

The process of searching for, deciding upon, and hiring an architecture, engineering, or construction firm for your next building project is a large undertaking. It likely involves multiple levels of decision-makers, resources, and considerable time. As detailed in past blog post titled 4 Reasons to Use an Integrated Design-Build Firm, several advantages exist in choosing one firm who can handle all components. Choosing a separate firm for each component may result in triple the work. Regardless of whether you hire an integrated firm for all project components, here are 6 factors to consider and assist you in your decision to choose the best firm to fit your building needs.

Factor 1: Experience of the Firm in Your Industry Sector

Past experience in your industry can help build a trust and comfort level in your project. Having completed prior work in your sector ensures the firm understands regulations, requirements, and nuisances which may exist. Hiring a firm without any prior experience may result in additional road blocks or a larger learning curve to get up to speed, all of which will delay your project further than expected.


Factor 2: Talent Level of the Staff

Although the reputation and portfolio for a firm matter, you also want to understand the team working on your upcoming building project. In the business development and bid request portion of your project ask the firm to supply you with the anticipated team who will be working with you. You’ll want to ensure you have access to the top talent at the company.


Factor 3: Ability to Streamline Work of Components

This revolves around building a relationship with a firm who has long-term visions of your project goals. The best firms understand next steps involved in a design-build project. Therefore, architecture firms can anticipate the needs of engineering. Engineering firms can anticipate the needs of construction. Working with a firm who understands the short-term and long-term needs of a building project is key. Perhaps the most important factor of all, this knowledge will ultimately help streamline all of the work, resulting in lower costs and better communication.


Factor 4: Affordability of the Project

Cost is, and will always be, a factor. Our advice here is to choose a firm that offers affordable, quality, and timely builds. If you receive a bid for a project far below quotes received from other firms, there is a larger story being told with regard to quality. Understand the ins and outs of the cost structure and budget. Ensure there are no hidden fees or surprise costs that may pop-up after you sign.


Factor 5: Accessibility of the Firm for Communication

Communication is everything these days regardless of the type of product or service being delivered. The best firms over-communicate and answer your questions before you even have a chance to ask. Make sure you choose a firm which treats you as a priority and takes ownership in your project. Ensure you’ll have one point of contact who can handle all of your needs throughout the project.


Factor 6: Location of the Firm

Working remotely and virtually with a building firm has become easier over the years, but a lot can be said for having face-to-face meetings or meeting with your project manager for lunch. Virtual communication has opened up geographic boundaries and has allowed for businesses to access talent anywhere, but many still prefer to choose local. If you are seeking an architecture, engineering, or construction firm in Syracuse, you’ll most likely find yourself searching for firms available in Central New York.


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