4 Unique Ways to Define an Architect

We all think we know exactly what architects do. To most of us, architecture is the simple act of designing buildings and structures. But architects know that there are many more pieces involved in architecture. Architects must put on many different “hats” when producing their designs. Listed below are 4 unique ways to define an architect.

  • Artist. Architecture is just as much an art form as painting, singing, or acting. Operating within the confines of mathematics, architects must creatively conform their artwork, building design, to both the needs of their client and the structural rules and codes of the real world. Despite the many confines to their creativity, architects can make small artistic decisions which give buildings their life.
  • Safety/Code Guru. The first step in code and safety compliance. Architects have the power to dictate the very essence of a building, they are the first designers of safety features in any given building. Architects hold the lives of every single person who will ever walk through their building in their hands when they are creating a new design. Architects do not take this lightly and understand the responsibility they hold.


  • Construction co-ordination. While architects focus on creating a design which fulfills client needs, they must also remember that construction managers also need to be able to easily understand their designs in order to actually create the structure. In this way, Architects are not only designers, but also construction co-ordinators.
  • Mathematically inclined cartoonist. While the art of architecture is clearly mathematically and geometrically inclined, the fact of the matter is that at the end of the day, architects are producing drawings that convey a client’s vision. Architects are cartoonists who understand the value of geometry and mathematics, while conveying a story through a building’s visual aesthetic. Their illustrations and drawings must be effective in order too fully display their design intent.

Our architects at VIP understand the many different “hats” they must wear in order to design a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to understand architectural design. VIP’s integrated design-build process ensures that our architects interact with engineers, construction professionals, and developers, empowering them to take a holistic approach to the design and equipping them with the knowledge to understand real-world wants and needs.