A common consideration early in the building process among decision-makers is the choice between using one firm for all aspects of your project (architecture, engineering, construction, development) or using separate firms for each component. While cases can be made for each approach, our team at VIP Structures feels our integrated approach offers several unique benefits to our clients. As a leading provider of integrated design-build services in our region for companies across the U.S., here are our 4 top reasons you should consider using a fully integrated design-build firm for your next project:





We do not shy away from telling companies who believe they have all of the details worked out that there is “a better way.” We challenge the status quo. We may suggest getting rid of two bays, or consolidating their manufacturing process, or building with the prospect of future expansion so their model is more successful. Our job is to challenge them and to find the absolutely best solution that will drive the success of their business.

4 Reasons to Use an Integrated Design-Build Firm

4 Reasons to Use an Integrated Design-Build Firm

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VIP Structures in Syracuse offers the best of architectural design, engineering, construction, and development to deliver superior quality and consistent value for our clients. Questions about your next project and how using an integrated design-build firm can help you? Contact us below.

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