What Are the Different Phases of Design?

There are many phases involved in the design process for building architecture. VIP Structures’ team of developers works with you every step of the way as your main communication to every department, making the process much easier. Four of the most important phases of the architecture and design process are pre-design/programming, schematic design, design development, and construction administration.


The pre-design/programming phase is a chance for the architect to understand the problems, wants, and needs of the client. Most of this phase is completed by the client such as project type, goals, objectives, main uses of the building, date of occupation, restrictions, and requirements. 

Schematic Design

In this phase, the client and architect discuss what is being built. This is the start of the initial design of the building where the architect provides rough sketches and multiple rough options for the client. The schematic design phase is where the basic form of the building takes shape and things like floor plans, building elevations, and rough cost estimates are discussed for each option. 

Design Development

This is where the design is finalized and the project comes to life. The client will pick from the various options provided by the architect and then discuss what specific materials to use. Engineering then takes over to commence on utilities and structure. 

Construction Administration 

This stage is where the design is executed and is typically the longest phase of the project. Architects, project managers, clients, and engineers will make regular job site visits to see how construction is progressing and if everything is following specifications. 

There are many steps involved in the design process and these phases of the design process are used for residential and commercial architecture. The design process can get overwhelming which is why VIP Structures is here to help you through every step of the architecture design process. Our team of experienced architects, engineers, contractors, and developers will be here to turn your ideas into action, producing positive outcomes. Contact us today to jumpstart your design process and make your dream a reality.