What Are the Current Trends in Architecture?

With each new year, there are new and innovative ways we want to live. To keep up with the ever-changing trends of building architecture, you need an experienced team on the cutting edge of architectural design like VIP Structures. With 45 years of experience, VIP Structures has been a part of almost every trend in architecture since 1975, so you could say we know what we are doing. 

3D-Printed Designs and Structures

3D-printing technology has greatly improved in the past couple of years and has worked its way into building architecture. Architects can now make more intricate and easily replicable models with 3D printers. Some companies have even experimented with whole 3D-printed structures! 

Buoyant Buildings

With the increased fear of climate change and rising ocean levels in society, naturally, architects have been experimenting with the idea of floating buildings, towns, and even entire islands. Experimental renderings have been proposed to be flood and hurricane-proofed and modular, as well as some being designed with recycled reinforced plastics. 

Green Buildings

Sustainable living has been on people’s minds for many years and there are physical examples of green buildings proving that sustainable living is closer than we think. Some contractors have constructed buildings utilizing more gardens, water recycling systems, natural lighting, and solar power to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Prefabricated Structures

At this point, almost everyone has heard of the tiny home craze that has swept the globe. Tiny homes are creating more sustainable living using fewer materials and offering the option of portability. Some companies construct houses at their warehouses and send the finished modules out to be pieced together on the client’s land. This allows for more customization and affordable alternatives to apartments, condos, and townhouses. 

There are trends in every industry and to keep ourselves relevant, it’s our job to keep up with architectural trends and incorporate them into our architecture and design processes here at VIP Structures. Although trends in residential and commercial architecture may change at a slower rate compared to other industries like fashion, staying updated on these trends will ultimately keep us at the forefront of architecture and design. If you’re looking for a company dedicated to turning your ideas into actions, contact VIP Structures today to create your next dream project!