VIP Purchases Former Post Standard Building

The former Post Standard Building is situated on Block 81, which is arguably one of the most influential locations in all of Syracuse. Originally settled in 1804 and named Bogardus Corners in 1806, Block 81 comprised the first community of Syracuse consisting only of a grist mill, tavern and a few homes. Bogardus Corners was sold a few years later to Sterling Crossitt, taking the name Crossitt’s Corners.

Several years later New York State Assemblyman Joshua Foreman, a true advocate for the Erie Canal, purchased the remaining holdings in Crossitt’s Corners. Foreman had the streets and lots surveyed for a village that he named Corinth. When the middle section of the proposed Erie Canal was completed in 1820, the village of Corinth applied for a post office. As the name had already been given elsewhere, the elders of the village had to choose another. Syracuse was officially selected in 1822.

The original tavern on block 81 was enlarged as a hotel in 1824 and was known as the Mansion House. In 1844, the Mansion House was demolished to make way for the modern and elegant Empire House. During this time houses and shops began to line the north side of Clinton Square, quickly becoming the commercial, financial and governmental center of the community that included Onondaga County’s third county courthouse and The Syracuse Savings Bank. In 1880 the County Clerk’s Office was built on the northwest corner of Block 81 and the northeast corner was occupied by the Onondaga Temperance Hotel.

The early to mid-1900’s marked a time of great change for Clinton Square. In 1924 the Erie Canal was filled, making the block south of Block 81 a parking lot. In addition, the Empire House experienced a devastating fire that destroyed the structure. The building was replaced in 1950 by a Streamline Moderne building, the regional headquarters for the Atlantic Refining Company.

In 1966 the Syracuse MDA acquired the title to the Atlantic Building. As part of the Downtown II Urban Renewal Project they proposed to combine all of Block 81, Block 77A, and the streets in between, creating a super block. In 1967 the proposal was accepted and the 14 buildings on the site were demolished, including the third Onondaga County Courthouse. The dedication of the 230,000 square foot Herald Journal Building took place on June 20, 1971.


On November 2, 2016 we announced our intent to purchase the former Herald Journal/Post Standard Building (Block 81). The announcement was accompanied by the news that we will be moving our 40-year-old, 110-employee companies from the historic One Webster’s Landing building to the Clinton Square-facing portion of Block 81 within the next two years. Our intent is to create a vibrant commercial and residential community, similar to our Pike Block Project. As the downtown population increases, we’re excited to see businesses follow that trend and intend on transforming this historic part of downtown into a live-work-play community.