Sparking New Innovations in the AEC Industry

As statistics show, the design & construction industry has been slow to adopt new technology compared to all other industries, according to Engineering News Record.  While there were releases of new software or tools, the implantation of those tools was not a top priority. The COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown of jobsites allowed the AEC industry to take a step back and see how they can use technology and implement to increase productivity.  

Digitalizing Workflows 

The restriction of meeting size and number of personnel allowed on a job site has encouraged companies to incorporate software such as Zoom and Teams. Integrating video conferencing, document sharing, and communication enables project managers to stay on track and monitor the progress of multiple projects.  

Aside from the adoption of Video Conferencing Software, BIM and 4D/5D collaboration tools have progressively been used during the pandemic. It allows for personnel to stay in synch with their projects, ensuring project changes are handled.  

Civil3D and Revit 

Design programs such as Civil3D and Revit are integrating with the cloud, which means that rendering high-resolution images will no longer take 10 minutes, but 10 seconds. Not only will virtual desktops cut the time it takes to generate high-quality photos, but it will also increase workflow and collaboration.  

So, how is this all capable? How can we work from home, collaborate with our teams, and ensure the safety of any project documents? Cloud-Based Management Software.  

The implementation of Cloud-Base Management Software  

What is “The Cloud?” The Cloud refers to the storage that holds your applications, data, and images until you are ready to use them in a secure environment. So, how is The Cloud beneficial in the construction industry? Document Safety and Collaboration. While many of us in the construction industry still rely on paper, it is not the most affective way to manage our documents. By using a cloud-based application, you can access your information from any of your smart devices, make or edit documents, send to clients, or view; everything will be saved where you left off.  


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