Next Generation at VIP

Dave Nutting began VIP Structures in 1975 in Syracuse, a city which he remains committed to some 45 years later. Effective March 1st, he will transition to Chairman and Owner. His daughters, Meg Tidd and Kate Nutting, will become the next generation leaders of the firm.

Meg Tidd, who joined VIP in 2011 while pursuing her Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Corporate Strategy and Marketing from the University of Rochester Simon Business School, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer. Meg’s trajectory at the firm has included Chief Marketing Officer as well as Chief Operating Officer.

Kate Nutting, Principal-In-Charge and Managing Member of VIP Architectural Associates since 2014, will continue her role as Owner and Managing Member. Kate will also pursue an Executive MBA with the global program through both Brown University & IE Business School, bringing her to study in Madrid, Spain as well as closer to home in Providence, Rhode Island. She will focus her studies on innovation and leadership.

While Kate pursues her studies, Tom Malinowski, Senior Architect, will be the Interim Director of Architecture.

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