Mohawk Valley Health System Embarks on New Medical Campus

The Mohawk Valley Health System (MVHS), which operates the St. Elizabeth Medical Center, St. Luke’s campus, and Faxton campus hospitals in the Utica area, received notification on April 12, 2018 that their Certificate of Need (CON) application for the construction of a new healthcare campus was approved. The new campus will be a consolidation of St. Elizabeth and St. Luke’s hospitals, creating a new 672,000 SF modern medical facility that will sit on 72 consolidated parcels in the City of Utica.

IPD Engineering (IPD) is proud to be part of the design team. Sam Cosamano, president of IPD, grew up in the Utica area and sees this project as a catalyst to spur economic growth. “The City of Utica needs this infusion as it will bring about all kinds of redevelopment. Mixed-use projects like Doyle Hardware and Jeffery Hardware are happening in anticipation of this project…many more will come. It is exciting for me and my family, as well as several members of our company who are residents of the Utica area, to be part of such a transformational project,” stated Sam.

IPD’s role in this project is to design a state-of-the-art energy center for the campus which will include a high-efficiency hot water boiler plant, a steam boiler system, a chilled water plant, emergency generators, normal and emergency power system entrances, and more. The energy center will be housed within an existing building located on Columbia Street across from the new hospital. A utility/pedestrian bridge is being designed to connect the two buildings. IPD’s team is coordinating their efforts with the prime engineering firm, Smith Seckman Reid (SSR), as well as with the Architect of record, NBBJ. “It’s great to see an existing building being repurposed for the energy center.  I believe it’s one of the more impactful (to the environment) strategies an owner and design team can implement towards sustainability,” said Cosamano.

Total Size:  672,000 SF
Architect of Record:  NBBJ
Prime Engineer: Smith Seckman Reid (SSR)
Engineer:  IPD Engineering