When Futuristic Movies Are No Longer Futuristic

When the Terminator movie first came out in 1984, did any of us really think computers would be teaching themselves, providing answers to questions and walking amongst us? AI is here and technology in the AEC industry has dramatically changed the way we acquire data, review plans and conduct meetings.

Here at VIP we are utilizing BIM, laser scanning, and drone technology to acquire and interpret data that assists in developing realistic models that allow our clients to experience their space visually and interactively through our VR station. To take all this technology one step further, our conference rooms are Zoomrooms that are equipped with the Meeting Owl. These 360-degree cameras allow all attendees to be seen no matter where they are in the room. Each conference room is also equipped with touch screen scheduling displays that anyone can view and interact with to see what is scheduled in each respective room.

The future is here and has truly changed the way the AEC industry delivers information. New technology has enhanced the built environment, creating user experiences that we once only saw in movies.