Food for Families and the Food Bank of CNY

In early December we participated in TOPS Markets’ annual fundraiser, Food for Families to benefit a long-standing friend of ours, the Food Bank of Central New York. It was our 4th year designing and building a sculpture made entirely out of canned food, 3,600 cans to be exact at the TOPS in North Syracuse. We create the sculpture from scratch – we develop the theme, design the structure, plan for the build (including quantities of items), “shop” for the food and finally build the structure itself. This year’s theme was “Solve Hunger” and we created a Rubik’s cube, which was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame this year. Past themes included: “Sleigh Hunger” (Santa’s sleigh), “Freedom from Hunger” (American flag), and “Knock out Hunger” (boxing ring). All of the food was donated to the Food Bank of CNY. It was a great experience and thanks to everyone who helped out! For more information or to donate, visit Food Bank of CNY.