Feldmeier Equipment Announces New Headquarters – Another VIP Integrated Design-Build Project

VIP Structures was asked to help Feldmeier Equipment, Inc. construct a new manufacturing facility at the former Brooklawn Golf Course in Dewitt, NY. Feldmeier, a fabricator of stainless-steel tanks for pharmaceutical, biotech and food processing industries internationally, was in need of more manufacturing space and required an immediate solution.

With no feasible option to expand their current facility, and fit-outs of existing spaces priced similar to new construction, Feldmeier chose to build a brand-new state-of-the-art office and manufacturing headquarters. The 125,000 SF facility was designed to highlight the company’s capability as a fabricator of quality custom stainless-steel tanks, while giving them the manufacturing space they need.

VIP was awarded the project in March of 2017. Within only 14 months’ time, the facility was designed, constructed and occupied.

“This is really a classic example of what VIP is about,” said Tom Malinowski, Senior Project Architect for this project. “We were able to obtain all necessary approvals, design, and construct an industrial high-tech manufacturing facility within just over one year.”

VIP achieved this by utilizing our integrated design-build approach. Our architecture, engineering and construction teams all worked together from the very start of this project. This gave us the capability to begin construction while other building components were yet to be designed. For example, foundations were being poured as our architects and engineers were still completing the remaining design.

While the owner envisioned a high-tech modern industrial facility, the Town of Dewitt was very adamant in maintaining the natural beauty of the golf course landscape. VIP’s architects worked diligently to meld together the owner’s vision and Town’s strict requirements. Care was taken to preserve the surrounding landscape with heavy emphasis on plantings and wet ponds. The owner even restored a few holes on the golf course for employees to enjoy.

The lengthy approval process delayed the construction schedule and although unable to begin in fall as originally planned, VIP was still able to achieve construction completion on time by starting the site work in the winter months.

Feldmeier had stringent requirements for their new facility. Critical to the manufacturing process are 10-ton high-tolerance overhead bridge cranes, supported by reinforced structure to hold the capacity of the cranes carrying heavy equipment. A high-quality concrete slab provides a level surface with minimal-to-zero-tolerances for precise assembly of the tanks. The owner even performed a Factory Assessment Test (FAT) to ensure the completed facility was capable of meeting their requirements.

For the office design, maintaining transparency throughout the space was key, as was preserving views into the manufacturing area for collaboration. A high impact, yet soft interior design evokes the Feldmeier brand and keeps employees feeling comfortable all day long.

Feldmeier Equipment’s new home allows the company to sustain their growth while attaining a larger customer base. Feldmeier’s own production team was even involved in the project – the stainless-steel column at the rear entry was manufactured by Feldmeier themselves. Now that’s a truly integrated design-build effort!