Grober Nutrition

Animal Feed Production Facility, Auburn, NY



New Construction

50,000 SF


MEP Engineering: IPD Engineering

Architecture: VIP Architectural Associates

Construction: Hueber Breuer

This Canadian based dairy company turned to VIP for architecture and engineering support to build their new animal feed production facility; which is the first Grober has built to produce their own raw material for their animal milk replacer, allowing them to increase cost efficiency and better control the quality of their product.

The VIP team partnered Huebuer Breuer to complete the ground-up $12M facility within a 16-month time frame. Our engineers worked closely with international process engineers to develop uniquely integrated systems consistent with the needs and goals of the company.

A unique challenge on this project was the integration of used process equipment from all over the world including Europe, Mexico, and Canada. Our team face this challenged head on by working proactively to design systems and spaces that accommodate this equipment, without yet having exact specifications on hand.