Construction Scheduling I The Knowns and Unknowns

Construction Scheduling I The Knowns and Unknowns

It seems we are all driven by some sort of schedule that allows our lives to stay organized and reduces some of the chaos that life seems to through at us. A schedule provides a semblance of order as we map out our day, week(s), and even month(s) ahead. A construction schedule at its core is no different.

The Master Schedule

At the onset of a project, a Master Schedule is developed that “estimates” the length of the project and establishes key tasks and milestones, identifies critical path items and becomes the communication tool to sub-contractors, vendors and clients as to a projects’ progress. The established Master Schedule becomes the baseline and gets adjusted and updated throughout the life cycle of the project as unknown designs and other variables become known.

Utilizing Microsoft Project Utilizing Microsoft Project, a Gantt Chart is created that details out each task and shows the correlation or dependencies of one task “the predecessor” to another “the successor” which forms the critical path – the direction that has to happen
in order for the next task to be completed.
As the project gets underway, the percentage of completion on each task can be mapped to display progress. The result of mapping and refining the schedule in real-time allows the project team to adjust tasks and labor force to ensure adherence to the schedules desired completion date.

There are a number of impacts that can affect a schedule, which include labor force availability, material delivery, weather, re-work, client or agency change, and even the unforeseen that we are all experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic. the essence of scheduling is to adapt, overcome, communicate, and prevail.UNDERSTAND THE PROJECT SCHEDULE ON YOUR NEXT PROJECTAs you approach your next project and knowing that schedule is an essential component to its overall success, reach out to your project manager and they should be able to walk you through the details and explain the tasks and possible impacts that could likely affect the schedules outcome and the plans they have in place to offset these challenges.


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