A Milestone for Community Growth: Welcoming J.W. Didado Electric to CNY

Throughout my life, I have witnessed many construction projects progress from an initial idea into a built facility that becomes a pillar of community growth. The grand opening of J.W. Didado Electric ‘s 24,000 sq. ft. New York headquarters in Clay is one of those remarkable milestones that isn’t just about a new facility, but about strengthening our community and creating opportunities where they didn’t exist before.

Every brick laid in the construction of their new facility represents a story—a story of partnership, trust, and mutual goals. J.W. Didado could have set their sights on any location across the country, but they recognized something unique in Central New York; an untapped energy aligned with their vision. With the intent to create 18 new job opportunities supporting this facility, J.W. Didado’s future employees will grow roots in Central New York, contribute to our local economy, and enrich our neighborhood’s social fabric. This building is more than a state-of-the-art building – it’s a catalyst for regional growth, signaling to others that our community has the strength to attract nationwide leaders to establish business here.

Meg Tidd speaking at J.W. Didado’s Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for their new NY Headquarters Facility. 

Reflecting on what we’ve built, it’s about more than just the tangible success of a well-executed project or the intangible ripples this success creates. What we truly celebrate here is the community growth, the bonds that have strengthened among us and the reaffirmed belief in our shared capabilities. This project’s completion is a collective victory. It took the unwavering dedication of our VIP Structures team, the trust of J.W. Didado, the foresight of local and state representatives, and invaluable contributions from everyone involved. It’s heartening to see this level of teamwork and a daily reminder of what we can achieve together.

Thank you, J.W. Didado Electric!

The VIP and J.W. Didado teams at the grand opening of the new J.W. Didado facility.