Building information modeling (BIM) is a 3D design tool that helps architecture, engineering, and construction firms transform the way projects are designed and constructed by collaborating on decisions early in the planning phase. A building information model is a digital representation of the building that can be manipulated in real-time. When there is a conflict, the user is alerted and resolution can be addressed. Creating BIMs for projects promotes streamlined design and manufacturing which allows for scheduling efficiency, accuracy in construction, and reduced project and risk costs. The industry as a whole has witnessed a growing number of sectors requiring BIM as part of their selection of architecture firms.

Why is it important to work with a firm that uses BIM? Building information modeling creates several advantages for the client and investors in a building project. Here are 3 major benefits that drive usage and adoption of BIM among architecture firms in Syracuse NY:

VIP Architecture is an architecture firm in Syracuse, NY which specializes in integrated design-build. The use of BIM at VIP has been intertwined into a variety of successful design-build projects with our firm. Questions about VIP or how BIM can help you? Contact us below.