Thanks for taking a minute to read our inaugural post on the VIP Structures blog. In the near future we’ll begin regularly sharing content, including an inside look at the VIP culture as well as learning more about our long history of successful projects through case studies. The blog content will cover the latest trends, information, and thought-leadership in our disciplines including architecture, engineering, construction, and development.

We hope that you will bookmark this blog or come back and visit us often for the latest knowledge and intelligence from our VIP team. Our goal is to create engaging, informative, actionable, and helpful content for our readers and followers.  Look for our daily shares on social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  It’s part of our culture here to share and educate. This blog is an example of our efforts to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our readers and clients.

For 40 years we’ve worked hard to derive value for our clients where others may have said that there was nothing more to find. We challenge the status quo; we dissect; we constantly turn things upside down to find the best solutions for our clients’ space. In an industry that thrives off of the credo “This is how it’s always been done,” we simply say “But, why?” We love what we do and we love who we do it with. This blog is our way to begin documenting our approach to an industry with endless possibilities.

Do you have any suggestions on blog topics or areas of interest you would like to see addressed? Contact us below.  VIP Structures is a fully integrated design-build firm in Syracuse, NY with disciplines that specialize in architecture, engineering, construction, and development.