The Art of Adaptation

The buildings and spaces we occupy every day have dramatically transformed from years past, ultimately altering the ways we communicate and interact with each other. From exploring open concept floor plans in homes and offices, to the evolution of today’s hospitals and hotels, and the way we dine together, architectural design is consistently evolving as we take on this next big challenge together.

During the ongoing development of COVID-19, our architectural team has been centering their efforts on how we currently approach design and are learning new ways we should be thinking. “We were working on some really great design work right when the pandemic hit, and this is significantly challenging us to look at design differently in about every project we are working on,” says Andrew Merriam, Project Manager. In our recent blog “The Evolution of Office Space,” we share some thoughts as to what changes we anticipate in future working environments.

For instance, at Salt City Market, we can expect to see automated systems in place of where conventional fixtures were originally called for. Restroom fixtures will now be contactless with motion activated sensors. Automated motion sensing and kick-open style doors are now being considered in place of the push-pull doors originally on the design schedule. These are all great ways to look out for the health of occupants, yet it is a big challenge for the design team and owner to factor in these added, unforeseen costs of the project.

In VIP’s office at One Webster’s Landing, we have slowly implemented a safe return to the workplace. A big part of when more of us return is what we can expect to see change. “The design team is looking at altering the orientation of cubicle spaces so that employees no longer directly face each other,” says Madonna Millerschin, Project Manager. “It is very common in cubicle layouts where data-fed walls are shared between people and they face each other. It will be a challenge to not only run power and data through the walls, but to also design an efficient layout where all staff can feel comfortable.”

Our team of engineers are exploring options for improving the air quality in our larger open spaces. Learn more here!

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