Are Ghost Kitchens a trend that will start gravitating towards the Upstate market?

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Are Ghost Kitchens a trend that will start gravitating towards the Upstate market? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the foodservice delivery industry has boomed. As this was expected to happen in recent years, the pandemic made the industry more profitable than ever. As many have stopped eating out at restaurants and started ordering delivery, this has […]

4 Unique Ways to Define an Architect

Architecture is just as much an art form as painting, singing, or acting. Operating within the confines of mathematics, architects must creatively conform their artwork, building design, to both the needs of their client and the structural rules and codes of the real world. Despite the many confines to their creativity, architects can make small artistic decisions which give buildings their life. 

3 Things Sports Can Teach us About Engineering

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3 Things Sports Can Teach us About Engineering As professional sports franchises have become more and more profitable, the pressure on teams, players, coaches, and owners to win has reached a higher level than ever before. On the surface, professional athletics and engineers may not have much in common, but if you dig deeper into […]

4 Ways COVID-19 May Change Architectural Design

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4 Ways COVID-19 May Change Architectural Design for Years to Come COVID-19 made a significant impact on almost every industry in the world. The architectural industry was no different. As the pandemic hit, projects were immediately cancelled or delayed to an unknown date. The Architectural Billings Index, used to project nonresidential building prospects, saw its […]

The 3 Biggest Disasters in Engineering History

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The 3 Biggest Failures in Modern Engineering History (and what we can learn from them) Engineering has proved to be vital in developing the modern world. Almost everything we use on a daily basis has been designed, tested, and scrutinized by multiple hard working engineers. Unfortunately, like in any profession, mistakes are made. Unlike the […]

Lighting Design With Energy Efficiency in Mind

Photos of Warehouse Stairs at Syracuse University

Designers and architects are always searching for ways to inspire and bring space to its full potential. By using natural lighting, it makes a space feel more welcomed and productive while maintaining the commitment to sustainable design.

An Impromptu Home Office – Creating A Work Space Where Non-Existed

An Impromptu Home Office – Creating A Work Space As COVID-19 continues to spread, we are all facing a new normal; working from home. What many of us thought might be a two to three week situation, has turned into a far greater duration. This new reality has us all scrambling as we develop new […]

9 Design Ideas for Small Living Spaces

While increased urbanization is attracting more people to urban areas like Syracuse, affordability is becoming a more significant issue. As a result, smaller, less expensive living spaces are trending, opening the door to more innovative approaches that make the most out of these spaces without sacrificing convenience or design sensibility. In fact, with some flexibility and […]

6 Retail Interior Design Trends

Retail Interior Design Trends That Are Changing The Consumer Experience Consumer expectations are fast evolving, and the line between online and offline shopping is blurring. As a result, a retailer’s interior space needs to express the brand’s personality and identity while building an emotional connection with consumers to create a memorable shopping experience. Understanding current […]

Food Hall Design Trends – Changing the Script on Casual Dining

Dining out is more than just eating for many people. Dining is an experience – the center of many social interactions, and a form of entertainment. While food halls are starting to gain more traction in smaller cities, they are nothing new. Food Service News wrote, “Markets featuring vendors, growers, producers and other food-related shops have […]

Pull Planning – Is it Really Effective?

We sat down for a quick Q&A session with Ken Osmun to learn more about Pull Planning and the impact it has had on projects at VIP. The nature of design-build is to have all stakeholders involved at the very beginning of a project, working together as a collaborative team to deliver on all promises […]

The Evolution of Interior Design  – 4 Trends with Staying Power

The Evolution of Interior Design  – 4 Trends with Staying Power The days of people sitting in cubicles all day are waning. Office environments have made tremendous strides in reinventing themselves to keep pace with market demands. The idea is to create spaces within the work environment that are stimulating, innovative and energizing places to […]