How a Diverse Workforce Benefits Design

How a Diverse Workforce Benefits Design At VIP Structures, we understand the power of diversity and believe that design is enriched by a broad range of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. Our workforce reflects our commitment to design excellence by integrating multiple disciplines of design experience into all aspects of design projects. We believe that bringing […]

Women CEOs Are Breaking Foundational Barriers

Women CEOs are Breaking Foundational Barriers At VIP Structures in Syracuse, NY, we are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. We believe in celebrating diversity, as it is essential for making progress in design, construction, engineering, and development. We are proud to celebrate the women CEOs who have broken foundational barriers in […]

Millennials in Construction

MILLENNIALS IN CONSTRUCTION Tyler Felice-Jennings, an Assistant Project Manager here at VIP, brings a tremendous amount of energy and eagerness to the workplace. We were able to slow him down just a bit to discuss what it is like to be a millennial in the construction industry. He opens up about his background, which led […]

Company Culture & Its Importance Within the Workplace

Company Culture & Its Importance Within the Workplace We recently sat down with Cynthia Hernandez, Chief People Strategist, to discuss culture within the workplace. In her role at VIP, Hernandez works closely with the leadership team to strategically drive efforts to create a thriving work environment for all employees. Cynthia has over 10 years of […]

Urban Planning – Creating a Culturally Diverse Experience

Urban planning trends are constantly changing. Cities and suburbs grow, adjust, and update based on the needs and wants of the population. Syracuse is no different; it continues to see a growing interest in living downtown with an occupancy rate hovering well over 95%. Our fully integrated design-build team is currently working on the Salt […]